Tuesday, January 31, 2012

It Has a Name!

Grady got to go back to puppy class yesterday. He was really really excited and waited all weekend for Monday to finally come so he could go. Good thing they took him back there, he was gettin all sorts of dumb again and really needed the refresher.

The lady bean told him when she came home from work that she was gonna take him to puppy class. This is how he reacted.
See, he's lost his smarts and really needed to go to class to relearn it all again. He even fell over, got stuck under the couch on his back and got all freaky like kickin around that he scratched Mom in the face. They laughed at him. We all laughed at him. It's how we do.

When he came back home, he was beat. He said he had the best time and got to see so many people he hadn't seen in a really long time. He got lots of hugs and kissies and got to jump up on all the people he wanted to. Now, if that was me....they'd put me back on my bed to "think about what I did," but hey.....gotta take it easy on the boy who has to repeat puppy class over and over and over again. But he got lots of lovins from everybody and he said that made him feel alot better.

He was so tired when they came home, that he laid like this for a really long time and snored really loud, which kept me awake and annoyed me. But, whatev. Mom said she didn't mind, til she tried to get up and couldn't feel her legs. LOL Now that was funny!

But anyway, today she got a call while she was home with us for lunch. We were trying to sleep again, but when the phone rang, it woke us up and we all got excited. She said the special doctor was on the phone and after she talked to him, she called the boy bean and told him that the doctor said they had the name of Grady's tumor. She said the 2nd staining results were in and it was NOT heman...hemmangio....hemangiosarcoma. It was actually a histiocytic sarcoma. I have trouble saying that one too, so I told Grady it's name is actually "Hissy" as in "Hissy-fit" cuz this thing has done nothing but caused Mom, Dad and me a lot of pain, worry and upset. Like when I throw a hissy fit cuz I can't go bye-byes with them and I have to tear up a book or cardboard box to release my frustrations then they come home and throw a hissy fit cuz they mad I made a mess. But, that's how I do.
So "Hissy" it is. Hissy Fit Tumor to be exact.

I heard her tell Dad that it was still bad news, but atleast now that it has a name they can meet with the chemo doctor to see what's the best way to treat it. I hope they can get rid of this hissy thing! Would be nice to be able to punch him again without him crying. Stupid Sissy La-La Dawg.

He goes for his 2nd radiation tomorrow and the beans said they may get a chance to talk to the 2nd doctor and get all the details then. If not, they'll have to make another appointment to talk to her before they decide on that chemotherapy stuffs. They said it can be pretty scary stuff!
And as you can see....Grady is really preparing for his big day tomorrow. 
By the way....he obviously has no shame.


I'm still confused with how many doctors, how many tests and how many puppy classes this Sissy la-la dog and Hissy Fit Tumor need though. They are getting all the attent.....Oh wait!! The hoomans are cookin more din-dins for us. I gotta go make sure she doesn't make the kitchen catch on fire again!

See ya tomorrow!

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