Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Something's Wrong With Grady

I don't know what happened, but all of a sudden Mom and Dad are worrying about Grady. Don't they know *I'M* here!! You see, a few months ago Grady had to go see the Doctor. Have I mentioned I love that place? They give me treats! They let me give kissies! They pet me! They just are too cool. Grady hates that place. He's sucha sissy lala. So I have no idea why they keep taking him there and not ME!

Anyway, when Grady came home from the doctor, Mom and Dad (the hoomans) said Grady couldn't run and play anymore. He had to be crate rested. He was limping on his front foot and needed time to get better. I thought it was funny, so I teased Grady in the crate by tossing toys in the air right in front of him or when the hooman took him outside on leash to potty and poop, I'd run circles around him. Oh, what great fun that was! But then it got boring. After a while, I was tired of teasing him....he just took all the fun out of it. So, I tried to chew the crate to get him out, but they made me stop. Then when he was on leash, I'd try to run past him really really really fast, so he'd chase me, but he wouldn't. Why is he no fun?

After a while, Grady seemed to get better but mom was worried about how his shoulder looked. Said something about it looked "out of place?" I have no idea what she was talking about....what's a shoulder? But he was still walking a lil funny and then started limping really bad again! Geesh....he just wont quit, will he? Gotta have all the sympathy. Sucha sissy la-la.

So they took him to a Special Doctor! Gawd, he gets all the fun and I have to stay home and read books they leave out on the table for me. BORING!!! But that doctor made mom and dad very upset. They said they think Grady has a toomer? tumer? Tumor. And he needed more testing. How dumb is a dog that needs all this testing, seriously?? But, they thought he just tore a muscle, but when the Special Doctor looked, there was nothing wrong so they did a Cat Scan. MAN! A CAT SCAN!!! I wanna do that! I like to chase kitties!!!!

The doctor called mom and told her the scan came back and Grady needed a biopsy. So, they agaaaaiiinnnn took Grady back to the Special Doctor. Grady came back all tore up. He had been out partying without me! So rude!

A few days went by and the hooman beans were all over Grady. "Oh, poor boy!"  "Why this, Grady?"  "We're so sorry, Grady!"  blah blah blah.....why does he get all the attention? Don't they know I'm RUBI!!! Kween Dumbass! I totally rule!

Then, one day, Mom was at the gym and the phone rang. Daddy was mad cuz he was playing hockey on Playstation, but he answered the phone anyway. Then all of a sudden, he got upset. He grabbed Grady and was hugging him again. Mom came home from the gym and I heard Dad say it was bad news and they both got really upset. Gee, how bad could it be.....he's getting all this fun attention! They should be sad for ME!

I heard mom telling someone that Grady has heman.....hemen....hemangio....hemangiosarcoma. Whatever that is. But it sounds bad and makes the hooman beans cry. Why would he do something to make them so upset when they take him to places like a Special Doctor where I know he's gettin all sorts of goody treats, lots of attention and hugs and probably sniffing so many doggie butts! I'm jealous! But, they said it's really bad news for Grady and that he'd have to get radiated therapy? What's that....and why don't I get it!

Anyway, they are taking Grady to yet ANOTHER special doctor tomorrow. Someone called a cologist? A On Call Gist? Oncologist...yeh, that's it. But Grady gets to go see another special doctor, get lots more attention, get lots of yummy treats...and I suspect they think I'll just sit at home reading another book again. Oh well, I guess maybe they are trying to fix Grady's "sissy la-la?" I dunno. But they are worried. Please keep mom and dad in your thoughts cuz I dont like to see them sad. I even try to give them kisses and they still get it must be serious.

Grady when he came home from the Special Doctor....

My impersonation of Grady when he came home from the "Special Doctor"...

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