Sunday, January 29, 2012

Special Delivery...But it's a Secret!

Apparently, I've been a naughty dawg this whole weekend. I dunno why I'm a bad girl, but I had to go lay on my bed and "think about what I did." Didn't know how to do that, so I just pouted and waited til the hoomans said I could get off again.

I've been so busy all weekend. Kitty keeps tryin to share our din-dins with us and so, I have been busy letting her now that Dawgs Rule! Kitties Drool! No noms for you Kitty, you get the cardboard kibble....remember. So, I chased her alot this weekend. I blocked her in her kitty room lots of times (and got a lil snack for me while I was in there), chased her away from our food bowls. So, see, I was too busy to be a bad dawg this weekend.

Then, as if I wasn't busy enough keeping Ms Kitty inline, I was busy talkin to the neighborhood too. I had to bark to tell all the doggies in da hood about our new din-dins, had to tell em about Grady's radiator therapy, had to tell them how Kitty is sucha bad kitty.  Then, I had to stay busy keeping this donut balanced on my head. I wanted to eats it, but the lady bean told me to leave it on my head.

Grady didn't have to leave the donut....he gots to eat it while I sat there lookin like a ding-dong. But get this....he didn't even wanna eat it. He tasted it for a lil bit, then just laid there next to it, teasing me for having to wear mines.

So can I be a naughty girl with all this busy stuff I was doin all weekend? But they think doing all this makes me a bad doggie. I am just keeping the neighborhood doggies informed and keeping kitty inline all while balancing a donut on my head. I think I deserve a prize instead.

I just think all this stuff with Grady's tumor has gone to the hooman beans heads. They keep gettin mad at me and just snuggle with Grady all the time. He chased Kitty too and they just laughed. I chase her and they tell me to go lay down. Wassupwitdat?

So, here's the deal. I'm over it! I put him in this box and am sending him to the first person who sends me more salmon din-dins.

If the hoomans ask where did Grady go, just tell them you know nothing.

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