Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Happy Dance!!! Happy Dance! Oh, Happy Dance!!!

This post is a day late, but only cuz we've been celebrating for the past 24 hours.

Grady had his 2nd CT Scan yesterday - I still don't know how he's not found those kitties yet, see he really is stupid. But apparently this scan was to get a really good look at his insides and see if his cancer has spread.

Watch my video...

That's right folks! Grady's cancer has NOT spread and that means right now....it's only in his shoulder. This made the hooman beans VERY  happy, so I did that lil dance to make them smile some more. When they're happy, they give me more treats.

When Grady came home from his CT Scan, he was a bit excited too. I think he already knew before the doctor called Mom at work to tell her, but he didn't want to spoil the surprise for anyone. He likes to keep the hoomans in suspense.

He looked funny when he came home though....he has all these little green X's all over his side. I thought they were targets, so I punched him a few times and he cried. Stupid Sissy La-La Dawg. But look at it....wouldn't you think it's a target to practice your boxer moves on too?

X marks the spot, right?


He said that's where the doctor marked to put the radiator to help zap the tumor in his shoulder. The radiator is going to make Grady feel better cuz it will get rid of the tumor. Getting rid of the tumor will help him walk better too. Mom said if they can get rid of the tumor, then Grady can get back to those "puppy classes" again. Good thing too, seeing as he's had 2 Cat Scans and STILL can't find those kitties. Dumb Dawg.

Anyway, after I punched him, I guess I felt kinda bad. I mean, I guess I was just a bit over excited at the good news and got a bit carried away. So, I cuddled him and let him know I'm sorry...but I still think he's a Sissy La-La. Whatever...

So Grady will start the Radiator Radiation Therapy on Thursday. Let's hope it shrinks this sucker down so that I can punch him again and he won't cry!

OK, I'm off to go do another Happy Dance again. Mom said it's din-din time and they were making more liver and beef yesterday. I just know they are going to give me some!! Two things I'm happy about today....Grady's tumor hasn't spread AND I get to eat people food again! Sweet!!! Seriously, does it ever get any better than this?

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