Tuesday, January 31, 2012

It Has a Name!

Grady got to go back to puppy class yesterday. He was really really excited and waited all weekend for Monday to finally come so he could go. Good thing they took him back there, he was gettin all sorts of dumb again and really needed the refresher.

The lady bean told him when she came home from work that she was gonna take him to puppy class. This is how he reacted.
See, he's lost his smarts and really needed to go to class to relearn it all again. He even fell over, got stuck under the couch on his back and got all freaky like kickin around that he scratched Mom in the face. They laughed at him. We all laughed at him. It's how we do.

When he came back home, he was beat. He said he had the best time and got to see so many people he hadn't seen in a really long time. He got lots of hugs and kissies and got to jump up on all the people he wanted to. Now, if that was me....they'd put me back on my bed to "think about what I did," but hey.....gotta take it easy on the boy who has to repeat puppy class over and over and over again. But he got lots of lovins from everybody and he said that made him feel alot better.

He was so tired when they came home, that he laid like this for a really long time and snored really loud, which kept me awake and annoyed me. But, whatev. Mom said she didn't mind, til she tried to get up and couldn't feel her legs. LOL Now that was funny!

But anyway, today she got a call while she was home with us for lunch. We were trying to sleep again, but when the phone rang, it woke us up and we all got excited. She said the special doctor was on the phone and after she talked to him, she called the boy bean and told him that the doctor said they had the name of Grady's tumor. She said the 2nd staining results were in and it was NOT heman...hemmangio....hemangiosarcoma. It was actually a histiocytic sarcoma. I have trouble saying that one too, so I told Grady it's name is actually "Hissy" as in "Hissy-fit" cuz this thing has done nothing but caused Mom, Dad and me a lot of pain, worry and upset. Like when I throw a hissy fit cuz I can't go bye-byes with them and I have to tear up a book or cardboard box to release my frustrations then they come home and throw a hissy fit cuz they mad I made a mess. But, that's how I do.
So "Hissy" it is. Hissy Fit Tumor to be exact.

I heard her tell Dad that it was still bad news, but atleast now that it has a name they can meet with the chemo doctor to see what's the best way to treat it. I hope they can get rid of this hissy thing! Would be nice to be able to punch him again without him crying. Stupid Sissy La-La Dawg.

He goes for his 2nd radiation tomorrow and the beans said they may get a chance to talk to the 2nd doctor and get all the details then. If not, they'll have to make another appointment to talk to her before they decide on that chemotherapy stuffs. They said it can be pretty scary stuff!
And as you can see....Grady is really preparing for his big day tomorrow. 
By the way....he obviously has no shame.


I'm still confused with how many doctors, how many tests and how many puppy classes this Sissy la-la dog and Hissy Fit Tumor need though. They are getting all the attent.....Oh wait!! The hoomans are cookin more din-dins for us. I gotta go make sure she doesn't make the kitchen catch on fire again!

See ya tomorrow!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Special Delivery...But it's a Secret!

Apparently, I've been a naughty dawg this whole weekend. I dunno why I'm a bad girl, but I had to go lay on my bed and "think about what I did." Didn't know how to do that, so I just pouted and waited til the hoomans said I could get off again.

I've been so busy all weekend. Kitty keeps tryin to share our din-dins with us and so, I have been busy letting her now that Dawgs Rule! Kitties Drool! No noms for you Kitty, you get the cardboard kibble....remember. So, I chased her alot this weekend. I blocked her in her kitty room lots of times (and got a lil snack for me while I was in there), chased her away from our food bowls. So, see, I was too busy to be a bad dawg this weekend.

Then, as if I wasn't busy enough keeping Ms Kitty inline, I was busy talkin to the neighborhood too. I had to bark to tell all the doggies in da hood about our new din-dins, had to tell em about Grady's radiator therapy, had to tell them how Kitty is sucha bad kitty.  Then, I had to stay busy keeping this donut balanced on my head. I wanted to eats it, but the lady bean told me to leave it on my head.

Grady didn't have to leave the donut....he gots to eat it while I sat there lookin like a ding-dong. But get this....he didn't even wanna eat it. He tasted it for a lil bit, then just laid there next to it, teasing me for having to wear mines.

So seriously....how can I be a naughty girl with all this busy stuff I was doin all weekend? But they think doing all this makes me a bad doggie. I am just keeping the neighborhood doggies informed and keeping kitty inline all while balancing a donut on my head. I think I deserve a prize instead.

I just think all this stuff with Grady's tumor has gone to the hooman beans heads. They keep gettin mad at me and just snuggle with Grady all the time. He chased Kitty too and they just laughed. I chase her and they tell me to go lay down. Wassupwitdat?

So, here's the deal. I'm over it! I put him in this box and am sending him to the first person who sends me more salmon din-dins.

If the hoomans ask where did Grady go, just tell them you know nothing.

Yummy Noms...

This weekend, the hoomans played around with a buncha new din-dins for Grady. They made salmon din-dins and chicken din-dins to go along with our beef din-dins. Mom said cookin chicken livers was better and less gross than cooking beef livers....didn't matter to me, just put it all in my belly!

We were very excited with the new noms and of course, had to provide full supervision while she was in the kitchen again. There was a small fire, but she managed to put it out. Seems she can't even boil water without some sort of explosion! So, we was worried, but she got it under control. Still.....we supervise....

First, they made the salmon din-dins. The beans found a good deal at the store and bought ALOT of it. Check out that loot!

Salmon smells sooooo yummy! Even Kitty came out to help supervise...

And she got a lil taste too....I was not real happy about this, but we got some too, so I let it slide....this time.

Salmon din-dins is made with salmon, eggs, cottage cheese, kale and cabbage. It looked sooooo yummy!

We got to lick the bowl clean when she was done. But I didn't wanna share the bowl with Grady no more, so I stoled it...

Grady got a lil upset. Seriously....he is sucha Sissy LaLa!

Then they made chicken with kale, eggs, cottage cheese, and brocolli. It was definitely yummy, but didn't smell as good as the fishy did.

Kitty bame back around to see if there would be salmon on the menu again, but once she realized it was a chicken day.....she got annoyed and left. That's ok, we didn't wanna share with her anymore anyways.

The best part, besides gettin to eat the noms of course - duh - is always when we get to lick the bowl. I'm so nice, I do share with Grady. Besides, he's a sissy-lala and if I don't, he goes and runs and tells on me.

We even got to finish what was left in the yogurt bowl. I'm sucha good cleaner, I get my really long licker all the way down to the bottom. Grady doesn't have a long licker, so he just licks the stuff off my face.

What? Do I gots summin on my face?

And just to show how stoopid he is....Grady likes his din-dins so much that he licks the bowl all away across the floor and got it stuck under Kitty's table. I had to go over and rescue him, but if Kitty found out, he woulda never seen dat bowl again. Whatta dummy, when will he ever learn...

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Grady's First Radiator Day

So today Grady had to go see the Special Doctor again. I've been kinda gettin jealous everytime they take him bye-byes to see the doctor (I know, hard to believe I'd be jealous of that Sissy La-La), that today I even snuck into the No-No room, pulled out a cardboard box and tore it apart in the living room.  What was I supposed to do, they put away all the books?!

I kinda regretted doing it later when I realized Grady wasn't here to try to put the blame on. I felt so bad about it that when I heard Dad pull up to the house, I went and buried myself in the blankies on the bed in the No-No room so he wouldn't find me. Didn't work. He still blamed me.

"I swear I didn't do it. It was evil ninjas that snuck in while you were gone! I tried to stop them, but they made me go hide in the No-No room under the covers. Thank dog you came home and saved me!"

Can't imagine why that didn't work. Never does. Wouldn't you believe me though?

It was just me and Kitty today though and they never blame Kitty for anything. wassupwitdat? So I had no choice but to finally come clean and admit it was my fault. I felt no shame, I was proud of my accomplishments. But, he didn't get mad at me.....instead he got mad at Mom for leaving the door open in the No-No room! HAHA!!! Plan worked...well sorta.

But later on, upon my reflection hour when I look outside and watch the birdies fly by, waiting for the mailman to drive by so I can bark at him and missing Grady a lil bit, I realized.... Grady does get pretty shafted when he goes to see the Special Doctor. You see, they don't let Grady eat his din-dins in the morning before they take him. Poor Dude! They totally trick him Everytime! We both wait all morning long as the hoomans get ready to go to that "work" place, pacing around, following them wherever they go, and we even go and sit on the lady hooman's feet while she gets ready, trying to remind her....."Hey, Bean! Feed us!"

But this look doesn't work for Grady when it's Special Doctor day. They ignore all of our attempts to remind them it's way past our morning din-din times. They even tell us, "sorry buddies, not til later." Do you know how long "later" is in starving dog time? It's like FUREVER!

But they just ignore his whines, cries, temper tantrums and get him all excited to go bye-byes so he forgets about his food. Then they put him in the car and get this.....they run back inside to feed me while he sits and waits in the car, totally oblivious. Poor guy...he so dumb.

I'm realizing I may be the lucky dog in all this tho. He gets starved and has to go see the boring Special Doctor while I get to run the house all by myself. Just me to chase kitty, bark at people walking by, bark at that guy who keeps putting stuff in the black box the hoomans keep outside. Even today, that guy in the brown clothes came by and dropped off a package for the Mom Bean and I got to bark at him all by myself too! So....special day for me but not so special for Grady.

Girls Rule! Boys Drool! Sorry Dude! No soop for you, as they say.

Anyway, Grady came home hours later and smelled kinda funny. I checked him over a few times and everything seemed normal. He looked fine, acted fine....just had a funny lil smell. He's a boy and they always smell, but it was different this time. The hoomans didn't notice it, but they have dumb noses and I totally nosed it. He said he had the radiator treatment today. He don't remember much about it tho. Just that he took a very long nite-nites and woke up in another room feelin kinda funny but finally got to eat his din-din. Other than that....pretty boring.

The hooman beans wanted to get pics of his shoulder so we can be sure to see if it changes. So, this is from today. Day 1 of Radiation. They said they have 5 more to go so they not expecting much change today.

I still feel kinda bad about making him cry when I punched him the other day though. But do you see that "x" they put there? Again, I ask you....target practice for a boxer, right?

I think he's forgiven me though. We still frendz....He just can't resist my specialness.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Happy Dance!!! Happy Dance! Oh, Happy Dance!!!

This post is a day late, but only cuz we've been celebrating for the past 24 hours.

Grady had his 2nd CT Scan yesterday - I still don't know how he's not found those kitties yet, see he really is stupid. But apparently this scan was to get a really good look at his insides and see if his cancer has spread.

Watch my video...

That's right folks! Grady's cancer has NOT spread and that means right now....it's only in his shoulder. This made the hooman beans VERY  happy, so I did that lil dance to make them smile some more. When they're happy, they give me more treats.

When Grady came home from his CT Scan, he was a bit excited too. I think he already knew before the doctor called Mom at work to tell her, but he didn't want to spoil the surprise for anyone. He likes to keep the hoomans in suspense.

He looked funny when he came home though....he has all these little green X's all over his side. I thought they were targets, so I punched him a few times and he cried. Stupid Sissy La-La Dawg. But look at it....wouldn't you think it's a target to practice your boxer moves on too?

X marks the spot, right?


He said that's where the doctor marked to put the radiator to help zap the tumor in his shoulder. The radiator is going to make Grady feel better cuz it will get rid of the tumor. Getting rid of the tumor will help him walk better too. Mom said if they can get rid of the tumor, then Grady can get back to those "puppy classes" again. Good thing too, seeing as he's had 2 Cat Scans and STILL can't find those kitties. Dumb Dawg.

Anyway, after I punched him, I guess I felt kinda bad. I mean, I guess I was just a bit over excited at the good news and got a bit carried away. So, I cuddled him and let him know I'm sorry...but I still think he's a Sissy La-La. Whatever...

So Grady will start the Radiator Radiation Therapy on Thursday. Let's hope it shrinks this sucker down so that I can punch him again and he won't cry!

OK, I'm off to go do another Happy Dance again. Mom said it's din-din time and they were making more liver and beef yesterday. I just know they are going to give me some!! Two things I'm happy about today....Grady's tumor hasn't spread AND I get to eat people food again! Sweet!!! Seriously, does it ever get any better than this?

Saturday, January 21, 2012

We Eat Better Than The Hooman Beans!

Oh. My. God!!!! We got a new din-dins today!! The hoomans said this din-din is supposed to make Grady feel better. Who cares if he feels better.....no more kibble cardboard!!!!

When Mom and Dad came home from the store, Grady got all excited and started dancing around, waggin his nubbin. He told me when they left that they were getting us some new din-dins. He heard them talking about it and said it was going to be really, really good. The hooman beans said that we'd be eatin better than they do! Now THAT's exciting cuz they eat like piggies!

So when they came home, I let Grady do the inspection to make sure this wasn't some sorta sneaky trick. And sure enough....it was REAL!

They never let him up on the counter to inspect the food, so I knew if they let him check it out, then it would have to be for real. Check out all the goodies we got!

It's PEOPLE FOOD!! Do you know how exciting that is? We never get people food? They cook it all the time and it always smell so yummy, but we never get a taste. I dunno why all of a sudden we get to have some, but I like it! Ground Beef. Beef Liver. Eggs. Yogurt. And well....I guess they have to throw some veggies in there just to make themselves feel better but I plan to spit those out when they're not looking.

The man bean said they bought so much of the good stuff for us that they had to clean out space in the freezer and throw out their own people food. Now, lemme tell ya...that is True Love! Even the ice cream went bye-byes. I was a bit sad about that, but I think it might be worth it.

Grady had to make sure the stuff they throwed away was actually their food and not some of ours. So, he had to supervise and inspect while Dad cleaned out the freezer. This is why I keep him around....to do all the 'spectin. He's a good 'spector.

Then, after they made room for everything, they actually started cooking and boy, oh boy....it smelled YUMMY!! Mom said it smelled like butt, but we all know doggies like that smell so naturally, Grady and I started drooling. We were sure to supervise so they didn't screw it up. Mom gets in the kitchen and things just seem to catch on fire, so it was VERY important we kept an eye on her.

I kept a very close eye on her. "Do you even know what you're doing, Mom??! Will you please just let Dad do it?"

Grady stood close to the stove while Dad cooked up the liver. Good thing that mat was there cuz he drooled ALOT.

And then, they cooked it all up and put it in a really big bowl and mixed it all up. Doesn't it look so yummy? Mmmmmmmm

 Then we gots to eat it and we had very full bellies afterwards. Food coma...

And it was true what Grady said.....The hooman beans had sandwiches for their din-dins. We totally ate better than they did. I think I'm gonna like this new food philo...philos....philosophy. Now, I wonder who gets stuck with the kibble cardboard?

Ohhhhh Kitty.....Come here. It's din-din time! :)

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Grady has to See a Radiator...

So the hooman beans didn't wanna make one of their fancy dinners tonite. Usually, Dad makes all this yummy stuff that smells so good and makes me drool....but I'm never allowed to have any. But not tonite! Tonite, they made my FAVORITE......Cereal!!! I love cereal so much that when they pull the box out of the pantry, I run to the kitchen as fast as I can and they always give me some. Mom was nice and made sure I got my own pieces when Grady wasn't looking cuz sometimes if he sees me getting something, then he wants it. Wish they'd get rid of that crappy kibble they make us eat though and just give me cereal every day. Have you ever tasted dog kibble??!! It's gross!

And they wonder why I like rabbit poop! Duh!

They took Grady to the Special Doctor again today, so maybe the cereal was to make me feel a lil bit better? I'm kinda sick of all the special treatment he gets but Grady filled me in a lil bit about the Oncallajust. He said he was sooooooo boring! All he did was talk to the hooman beans and petted him a few times. No special treats and no other doggie butts to lick! <yawn>  Grady said he was scared when he first met the Special Doctor and tried to hide under the chair, but mom made him get out. I don't blame Grady for being scared, I never seen an oncallajust, but even mom and dad were scared. But sounds like it was just a buncha talking. <yawn again>

Eventually, Grady figured if mom and dad would stop talking to him, then they could go home. So, he tried whining alot and crawling in their lap to get them to stop talking, even tried getting in the Special Doc's lap, but none of it worked. He said he whined to go out and Mom took him outside where he pooped then tried to go back to the car. That didn't work either, they kept going back in and talking to this boring guy. Poor Grady just had to lay there and whine while they talked. When hooman beans talk, did you know they are just soooo boring. They should be chasing tennis balls, looking for squirrels in the backyard or barking at something outside. But, no.....they just sit there and blah blah blah blah blah! Then yell at me when I do it. Anyway, the oncallajust sounds boring! Glad I didn't go.

Grady said he heard a lil bit about what they said. Something about checking to see if his cancer has spread and going back in for another CT Scan!! Wait a minute.....WHAT?!! Again....he gets to scan the Kitties and I'll probably have to sit at home again. But they said this kitty scan will tell them if Grady has anymore tumors in his belly.

If they fed him tumors and just gave me a piece of cereal....there is going to be hell to pay! I don't know what a tumor is, but if it's in Grady's belly, then he obviously got some special treat I didn't get! Damn Dumn Sissy Lala Dawg! So, he goes back for his test on Monday. Then they mentioned radiator therapy??  Radiator Therapy?  Huh? Hold on, lemme ask Grady.....ooooohhhh Radiation Therapy.

OK, I still don't know what that is. Maybe it makes him warm? It is kinda cold outside.

Anyway, he'd have to have the radiator for like 6 whole weeks and it might make him feel a lil bit better, but won't fully get rid of the cancer. They said if the cancer spreads, then Grady would get keemo....cheemo....chemotherapy. So there he goes again....radiators, tumor treats in his belly, now chemotherapy. They are also doing another test on the stuff they took out of Grady's shoulder and sending it to decide what type of cancer it is. I guess there are different breeds of cancer just like doggies and I s'pose knowing what breed it is will help them know what to do next.

Grady did say he got really excited when they started talkin to the oncallajust...oh wait, it's oncologist, that's right....about changing his food!! They said they were going to start home cooking his din-dins now!!

OK, hold on a second here, I see why Grady's really happy about this, but NOBODY said anything about changing MY din-dins! So, the hoomans eat fancy foods, now Grady eats fancy foods and I get dried cardboard and the occassional piece of cereal every now and then. Seriously, they wonder why I eat cat poop, too!

But this is what about ticked me off to the point of wanting to eat another book off the table again....they said giving him a new din-dins was going to make sure it didn't feed the cancer. So now they are starving the tumor too??!!! I can't wait to hear more about this, cuz it seems like Grady is getting all this really cool stuff and me and this tumor are getting the short end of the stick.

So that's all that happened today. I licked myself lots of times today when they weren't home. I barked at the doggies across the street and the mailman. Oh and I chased Ms Kitty and tried to get into her cat box while they were gone. She keeps that damn door on lockdown, whats up with that! Kitty won't share either.

Mom said tomorrow's Friday though. That means it's the weekend and maybe if it's nice, she'll take me out to the park or something. So, I like Fridays!!!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Something's Wrong With Grady

I don't know what happened, but all of a sudden Mom and Dad are worrying about Grady. Don't they know *I'M* here!! You see, a few months ago Grady had to go see the Doctor. Have I mentioned I love that place? They give me treats! They let me give kissies! They pet me! They just are too cool. Grady hates that place. He's sucha sissy lala. So I have no idea why they keep taking him there and not ME!

Anyway, when Grady came home from the doctor, Mom and Dad (the hoomans) said Grady couldn't run and play anymore. He had to be crate rested. He was limping on his front foot and needed time to get better. I thought it was funny, so I teased Grady in the crate by tossing toys in the air right in front of him or when the hooman took him outside on leash to potty and poop, I'd run circles around him. Oh, what great fun that was! But then it got boring. After a while, I was tired of teasing him....he just took all the fun out of it. So, I tried to chew the crate to get him out, but they made me stop. Then when he was on leash, I'd try to run past him really really really fast, so he'd chase me, but he wouldn't. Why is he no fun?

After a while, Grady seemed to get better but mom was worried about how his shoulder looked. Said something about it looked "out of place?" I have no idea what she was talking about....what's a shoulder? But he was still walking a lil funny and then started limping really bad again! Geesh....he just wont quit, will he? Gotta have all the sympathy. Sucha sissy la-la.

So they took him to a Special Doctor! Gawd, he gets all the fun and I have to stay home and read books they leave out on the table for me. BORING!!! But that doctor made mom and dad very upset. They said they think Grady has a toomer? tumer? Tumor. And he needed more testing. How dumb is a dog that needs all this testing, seriously?? But, they thought he just tore a muscle, but when the Special Doctor looked, there was nothing wrong so they did a Cat Scan. MAN! A CAT SCAN!!! I wanna do that! I like to chase kitties!!!!

The doctor called mom and told her the scan came back and Grady needed a biopsy. So, they agaaaaiiinnnn took Grady back to the Special Doctor. Grady came back all tore up. He had been out partying without me! So rude!

A few days went by and the hooman beans were all over Grady. "Oh, poor boy!"  "Why this, Grady?"  "We're so sorry, Grady!"  blah blah blah.....why does he get all the attention? Don't they know I'm RUBI!!! Kween Dumbass! I totally rule!

Then, one day, Mom was at the gym and the phone rang. Daddy was mad cuz he was playing hockey on Playstation, but he answered the phone anyway. Then all of a sudden, he got upset. He grabbed Grady and was hugging him again. Mom came home from the gym and I heard Dad say it was bad news and they both got really upset. Gee, how bad could it be.....he's getting all this fun attention! They should be sad for ME!

I heard mom telling someone that Grady has heman.....hemen....hemangio....hemangiosarcoma. Whatever that is. But it sounds bad and makes the hooman beans cry. Why would he do something to make them so upset when they take him to places like a Special Doctor where I know he's gettin all sorts of goody treats, lots of attention and hugs and probably sniffing so many doggie butts! I'm jealous! But, they said it's really bad news for Grady and that he'd have to get radiated therapy? What's that....and why don't I get it!

Anyway, they are taking Grady to yet ANOTHER special doctor tomorrow. Someone called a cologist? A On Call Gist? Oncologist...yeh, that's it. But Grady gets to go see another special doctor, get lots more attention, get lots of yummy treats...and I suspect they think I'll just sit at home reading another book again. Oh well, I guess maybe they are trying to fix Grady's "sissy la-la?" I dunno. But they are worried. Please keep mom and dad in your thoughts cuz I dont like to see them sad. I even try to give them kisses and they still get sad....so it must be serious.

Grady when he came home from the Special Doctor....

My impersonation of Grady when he came home from the "Special Doctor"...

A Note From The Lady Hooman Bean

Mom says she has to censor everything I write, so I'm letting her write a note to get you caught up on everything first.  She says I forget everything, including that I just had din-din 5 minutes ago so there would be no way I'd remember our story. I've got her trained so well! That's cuz I'm a Dumbass! :)
So here's her note. Excuse her for being boring, she's a hooman bean and they don't know how to have fun...

Shaddup Rubi!

Words we say way too often in this house, but that's cuz she's got quite the mouth and the reason why I'm letting her write this blog. She needs a job, something to keep her busy....and out of my training books, underwear, socks, and any paper we happen to leave laying around.

Anyway, my name is Dawn and my husband is Shawn. We were married in 2004 and for our one year anniversary, decided we wanted to get a puppy. We knew we wanted a boxer as I lived with one in college and my husband has one (Koho, now 12 years old) that lives back home with his grandma and mom. So, we knew it had to be a boxer. Total no brainer.

We searched the papers and found a breeder in the area. I called, went up there and there were 3 puppies left. Another family had picked out one lil girl and I was there playing with a shy lil girl and a really outgoing lil boy. Both just as cute as could be. The boy was a goober, he barked, he bounced, he jumped, he rolled over. But the girl was shy, she ducked away when you reached to pet her, but turn your back and she was following right under your feet. I had to have her. We named her Rubi.

Rubi at 8wks when we brought her home...

Rubi started out being a smart girl, yet had lots of issues with anxiety and fear (hmmm...wonder how I woulda known that would be an issue?) but we worked through that, built up her confidence, started training in obedience classes and wanted to get her into agility. However, when she was 6 months old, we found out she had hip dysplasia....pretty bad. She had trouble walking, trouble running and keeping up with her playmates, yet she never let her disability stop her. But, it did stop our wish for agility.  We continued to do some small-scale obedience with her, enough to earn her CGC (Canine Good Citizen) certificate, then let her retire to "Couch Dawg" which she does REALLY well with.

When she was 3 years old, she had a Mast Cell Tumor removed from her paw. MCT's are common in boxers, but we were worried as it was a Grade 2 with a small chance of returning. Fortunately, it's not come back but a year later, Rubis's trouble with her hips finally caught up with her. Her weakened hips left her susceptible to tearing ligaments in her knee. We were warned. And then it happened....she tore her CCL. She has a huge battlescar to prove just how tough she is because once again...she didn't let that stop her either.

Before Rubi's knee issues, we had just brought home Grady. He came to us at 11 months old from a great breeder in Maryland (mine and Shawn's homestate). Grady is a beautiful brindle boxer pup that I had the pleasure of watching grow up before coming home to us. I had met his breeder online about a year earlier and when Grady was born, I wanted a pup BAD, but we were sure Grady would be with another family by the time we were ready for a 2nd dog! We waited til we had bought a house, fenced in our huge backyard, then we were ready and fortunately for us.....Grady was still available. He was on hold for a show home and it never worked out. So, he was ready for a home that was interested in obedience and agility. Ding, ding ding! We're here! Let's bring our boy home! So we did. Just seems like it were meant to be.

Grady as a pup (before we brought him home. He's  about 8 weeks old here)

Grady, a few months after we brought him home. He settled in pretty quickly...

When Rubi had her knee surgery, Grady really showed just how dogs can sense when people and other animals are hurt. He hugged us when we were worried for Rubi. He sat and watched while we did her stretches and physical therapy. He pulled his bed up to Rubi's crate when we first brought her home after surgery, so he could sleep with her that night. How sweet can one dog be?

Grady started obedience classes a few months after we brought him home and he was AWESOME! So attentive. So eager to please. Just happy to work. He was the star of all of his classes and I just couldn't believe how easy he was to work with. My first dog that I had ever done obedience with was a German Shepherd named Jomer. He was so wild. I was 14 and clueless. No idea how we managed to not take out the entire class while doing heelwork, but somehow we earned "Most Improved Dog" at the end of the 8 week session- I think they felt sorry for us, they applauded when we left.

Anyway, in his 2.5 years of obedience, Grady has continued to show he has great working potential. He's earned his Rally Novice title, his Rally Advance Title and, like Rubi, is CGC certified. It is our hope to continue now with Novice Obedience and start getting into agility. He loves to jump and balance, so I think he would really enjoy all the fun that agility has to offer. He goes through the motions in obedience, just to make me happy. But I can see his eyes light up when he sees a jump, so I know where he's happiest in the ring.

Our Celebrations....

Our first Rally Novice Trial. We got 2nd place!

 After our first Rally Novice Trial. Grady with all his ribbons and toys.

 Grady New Title ribbon. Rally Novice...

 Earning our Rally Advance Title, November 2010

Grady entered an IABCA Conformation Show. He was the only boxer in his group and won 1st Place. LOL Still, he wears his medal proudly!

So, that's our story. For now at least. I'm sure Rubi will keep ya'll up to date on all the important stuff and not so important stuff. If she gets out of line, I'm sure Ms. Kitty will let me know.....oh wait, did I mention we have a cat? She's a black cat. She hates the dogs. Hates life. Hates people. But likes me, so we'll keep her. :)

Boxers are a working breed. This just proves it....

So, there you go......A Tale of Two Dawgs.....
They have fun together.
 They know how to relax.

They may be a lil bit spoiled...

But they are best friends...