Thursday, January 26, 2012

Grady's First Radiator Day

So today Grady had to go see the Special Doctor again. I've been kinda gettin jealous everytime they take him bye-byes to see the doctor (I know, hard to believe I'd be jealous of that Sissy La-La), that today I even snuck into the No-No room, pulled out a cardboard box and tore it apart in the living room.  What was I supposed to do, they put away all the books?!

I kinda regretted doing it later when I realized Grady wasn't here to try to put the blame on. I felt so bad about it that when I heard Dad pull up to the house, I went and buried myself in the blankies on the bed in the No-No room so he wouldn't find me. Didn't work. He still blamed me.

"I swear I didn't do it. It was evil ninjas that snuck in while you were gone! I tried to stop them, but they made me go hide in the No-No room under the covers. Thank dog you came home and saved me!"

Can't imagine why that didn't work. Never does. Wouldn't you believe me though?

It was just me and Kitty today though and they never blame Kitty for anything. wassupwitdat? So I had no choice but to finally come clean and admit it was my fault. I felt no shame, I was proud of my accomplishments. But, he didn't get mad at me.....instead he got mad at Mom for leaving the door open in the No-No room! HAHA!!! Plan worked...well sorta.

But later on, upon my reflection hour when I look outside and watch the birdies fly by, waiting for the mailman to drive by so I can bark at him and missing Grady a lil bit, I realized.... Grady does get pretty shafted when he goes to see the Special Doctor. You see, they don't let Grady eat his din-dins in the morning before they take him. Poor Dude! They totally trick him Everytime! We both wait all morning long as the hoomans get ready to go to that "work" place, pacing around, following them wherever they go, and we even go and sit on the lady hooman's feet while she gets ready, trying to remind her....."Hey, Bean! Feed us!"

But this look doesn't work for Grady when it's Special Doctor day. They ignore all of our attempts to remind them it's way past our morning din-din times. They even tell us, "sorry buddies, not til later." Do you know how long "later" is in starving dog time? It's like FUREVER!

But they just ignore his whines, cries, temper tantrums and get him all excited to go bye-byes so he forgets about his food. Then they put him in the car and get this.....they run back inside to feed me while he sits and waits in the car, totally oblivious. Poor guy...he so dumb.

I'm realizing I may be the lucky dog in all this tho. He gets starved and has to go see the boring Special Doctor while I get to run the house all by myself. Just me to chase kitty, bark at people walking by, bark at that guy who keeps putting stuff in the black box the hoomans keep outside. Even today, that guy in the brown clothes came by and dropped off a package for the Mom Bean and I got to bark at him all by myself too! So....special day for me but not so special for Grady.

Girls Rule! Boys Drool! Sorry Dude! No soop for you, as they say.

Anyway, Grady came home hours later and smelled kinda funny. I checked him over a few times and everything seemed normal. He looked fine, acted fine....just had a funny lil smell. He's a boy and they always smell, but it was different this time. The hoomans didn't notice it, but they have dumb noses and I totally nosed it. He said he had the radiator treatment today. He don't remember much about it tho. Just that he took a very long nite-nites and woke up in another room feelin kinda funny but finally got to eat his din-din. Other than that....pretty boring.

The hooman beans wanted to get pics of his shoulder so we can be sure to see if it changes. So, this is from today. Day 1 of Radiation. They said they have 5 more to go so they not expecting much change today.

I still feel kinda bad about making him cry when I punched him the other day though. But do you see that "x" they put there? Again, I ask practice for a boxer, right?

I think he's forgiven me though. We still frendz....He just can't resist my specialness.

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