Saturday, January 21, 2012

We Eat Better Than The Hooman Beans!

Oh. My. God!!!! We got a new din-dins today!! The hoomans said this din-din is supposed to make Grady feel better. Who cares if he feels more kibble cardboard!!!!

When Mom and Dad came home from the store, Grady got all excited and started dancing around, waggin his nubbin. He told me when they left that they were getting us some new din-dins. He heard them talking about it and said it was going to be really, really good. The hooman beans said that we'd be eatin better than they do! Now THAT's exciting cuz they eat like piggies!

So when they came home, I let Grady do the inspection to make sure this wasn't some sorta sneaky trick. And sure was REAL!

They never let him up on the counter to inspect the food, so I knew if they let him check it out, then it would have to be for real. Check out all the goodies we got!

It's PEOPLE FOOD!! Do you know how exciting that is? We never get people food? They cook it all the time and it always smell so yummy, but we never get a taste. I dunno why all of a sudden we get to have some, but I like it! Ground Beef. Beef Liver. Eggs. Yogurt. And well....I guess they have to throw some veggies in there just to make themselves feel better but I plan to spit those out when they're not looking.

The man bean said they bought so much of the good stuff for us that they had to clean out space in the freezer and throw out their own people food. Now, lemme tell ya...that is True Love! Even the ice cream went bye-byes. I was a bit sad about that, but I think it might be worth it.

Grady had to make sure the stuff they throwed away was actually their food and not some of ours. So, he had to supervise and inspect while Dad cleaned out the freezer. This is why I keep him do all the 'spectin. He's a good 'spector.

Then, after they made room for everything, they actually started cooking and boy, oh smelled YUMMY!! Mom said it smelled like butt, but we all know doggies like that smell so naturally, Grady and I started drooling. We were sure to supervise so they didn't screw it up. Mom gets in the kitchen and things just seem to catch on fire, so it was VERY important we kept an eye on her.

I kept a very close eye on her. "Do you even know what you're doing, Mom??! Will you please just let Dad do it?"

Grady stood close to the stove while Dad cooked up the liver. Good thing that mat was there cuz he drooled ALOT.

And then, they cooked it all up and put it in a really big bowl and mixed it all up. Doesn't it look so yummy? Mmmmmmmm

 Then we gots to eat it and we had very full bellies afterwards. Food coma...

And it was true what Grady said.....The hooman beans had sandwiches for their din-dins. We totally ate better than they did. I think I'm gonna like this new food philo...philos....philosophy. Now, I wonder who gets stuck with the kibble cardboard?

Ohhhhh Kitty.....Come here. It's din-din time! :)

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