Sunday, January 29, 2012

Yummy Noms...

This weekend, the hoomans played around with a buncha new din-dins for Grady. They made salmon din-dins and chicken din-dins to go along with our beef din-dins. Mom said cookin chicken livers was better and less gross than cooking beef livers....didn't matter to me, just put it all in my belly!

We were very excited with the new noms and of course, had to provide full supervision while she was in the kitchen again. There was a small fire, but she managed to put it out. Seems she can't even boil water without some sort of explosion! So, we was worried, but she got it under control. Still.....we supervise....

First, they made the salmon din-dins. The beans found a good deal at the store and bought ALOT of it. Check out that loot!

Salmon smells sooooo yummy! Even Kitty came out to help supervise...

And she got a lil taste too....I was not real happy about this, but we got some too, so I let it slide....this time.

Salmon din-dins is made with salmon, eggs, cottage cheese, kale and cabbage. It looked sooooo yummy!

We got to lick the bowl clean when she was done. But I didn't wanna share the bowl with Grady no more, so I stoled it...

Grady got a lil upset. Seriously....he is sucha Sissy LaLa!

Then they made chicken with kale, eggs, cottage cheese, and brocolli. It was definitely yummy, but didn't smell as good as the fishy did.

Kitty bame back around to see if there would be salmon on the menu again, but once she realized it was a chicken day.....she got annoyed and left. That's ok, we didn't wanna share with her anymore anyways.

The best part, besides gettin to eat the noms of course - duh - is always when we get to lick the bowl. I'm so nice, I do share with Grady. Besides, he's a sissy-lala and if I don't, he goes and runs and tells on me.

We even got to finish what was left in the yogurt bowl. I'm sucha good cleaner, I get my really long licker all the way down to the bottom. Grady doesn't have a long licker, so he just licks the stuff off my face.

What? Do I gots summin on my face?

And just to show how stoopid he is....Grady likes his din-dins so much that he licks the bowl all away across the floor and got it stuck under Kitty's table. I had to go over and rescue him, but if Kitty found out, he woulda never seen dat bowl again. Whatta dummy, when will he ever learn...

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