Monday, March 19, 2012

I'm So Fired?!

I know, I know. It's been a really long time since my last post. I think it's been a couple of weeks, but in doggy years, it feels like 1.25 years. So, that's a very long time. The lady bean said if I don't update ya'll on everything, that I'm "sooooooo fired."  Not sure what that means, but I'm hoping it has something to do with me being cooler than Grady again, cuz even tho he doesn't get anymore radiators - he still gets all the attention.

Here's Grady's shoulder one week after no more radiators. Still gone. He's all better now, right?! I think so....

It's been 2 weeks now since his last treatment and he's doing very good. The lady bean had to go outta town again and when she came home, he started pulling that limping game again. I told him to stop being a sissy la-la and pretending to be hurt cuz I'm gonna tell her the truth! He's a FAKER!!!!

The next day, he stopped. <surprise, surprise> Guess threatening to rat him out changed his mind. Dumb Dawg. He's so easy.

So after that, it was life as normal.

We got a special treat from a friend that the lady bean saw in Texas. She sent us some yummy treats. I told Grady they were for me, but he still tried to get some. So, since he wasn't hurt no more, I proceeded to my normal way of telling him to back off.....<POW!>

Didn't work. He still got some. <I swear!>

And just when I thought the world was back in my favor, Grady started digging under the fence. I think he was trying to get out. Sissy lala doesn't like me torturing him again. Get over it. But whatev. The beans caught him. So what did they do?

Laughed. Told him to stop. And he did (who does that!!?) And then took a pic?
Really?!!! If it was me, they'd tell me I'm out lockdown til further notice.

But we got to hang outside for a lil bit. The weather's been really nice lately. It's like Spring already. And we love Spring time cuz we get to hang outside a bit longer.... 

We go back on squirrel and chipmunk watch ...

Grady is always on chipmunk duty....inside or outside...

We get to lay in the nice warm sun and work on our tans... (and Grady still hogs all the sun from me!)

We look for bunnies in the front yard....

BUT.....somehow, this is what Spring means to the beans...

I don't know who Saint Paddy is, but I want to bite him!

He hasn't quite figured out that if you look cute when they do this dumb stuff, they keep doing it.

Then, to top it off, they took Grady to a race! The Lady Bean ran a 5k. I don't know what a 5k is, but if it's only 5, that is nothing....I'm 7!!! But, they took him to go watch and again....left me home. Something about my hips and knees couldn't handle it. They didn't ask me what I thought, so I just stayed home and tore up a toy while they left and had funs. I make my own fun, so no prob for me. And I get to watch em clean it up!

Grady and the male bean were her cheering section...

Grady givin mom bean the pep talk before the race. Actually, he was checkin out all the other doggies, but she felt better saying it was a pep talk. If she ever learns to speak doggy, she'll be so disappointed.

But after the lady bean ran her 5 k's, Grady said they took him on the 1 mile with the lil kids. Big Whoop! He had to race against lil kids. Ooooohhhhh tough doggy! <whatever!>

Here he is crossing the finish line. They both look really happy, but I guess that's how you feel when you race against little kids and beat them. Meanies!

So today, I decided to one up em all!!! The hooman beans were in the kitchen, once again makin special din-dins for Grady. I took a page out of Grady's book and pretended to get scared at a funny noise and started limping again. They got so worried. I got special massages! I got lots of kissies!

Hahahahaha!!! My plan worked!!!! Maybe Grady ain't so stoopid afterall! Maybe there's something to his fakin being hurt? Maybe....

Wait a minute! What did they do to me now?! I'm in JAIL!?!?!?!!!
Well this is CRAP! How the heck do they figure this is fair? Grady limps and he gets special doctor visits. He gets radiators and special meals. And let's not forget all the special attention, hugs and kissies they give him. I limp and I get put on lockdown??!!

And I really don't appreciate Grady telling me I'm doing it wrong....

If this is being fired....I'm so sorry, Mom! I updated my blog! I promise to stop limping. Can I get out now please?

Thursday, March 1, 2012

YAY!!! No More Radiators!!

Today was Grady's last day of special doctors, going bye-byes and leaving me here by myself and last day of his radiation therarpy. It's been 6 weeks....a long 6 weeks....and 6 treatments, but the beans are happy with how he's gotten better.

This is what his boo-boo looks like today (the day of his last radiation):

And just to give an idea of what it looked like before radiation. This pic was taken on January 7, 2012:

So that big lump is gone and because of that, the beans said he doesn't have to have those radiator treatments anymore. Which is great....cuz he comes home all tired and smells funny each time they take him.