Sunday, February 5, 2012

Holy Moly! It's Been a Busy Weekend!

Whew! Whatta weekend. I been super busy this whole weekend and I'm completely wiped out! I'm typing this as I'm passed out on the couch, so please forgive me if I have alot of typos.

It's hard to type upside down...

Grady had his 2nd radiation on Wednesday. Everything went well and the doc said he doesn't think Grady will have any reactions to his treatments. So, so far so good. The big lump on his shoulder from his biopsy looks like it's getting smaller, so maybe I can punch him soon and he won't cry like a Sissy La-La again. Here are some pics the lady bean took of his one week post 1st and 2nd radiation whatever. I dunno why she keeps taking's not like she can see the tumor with that camera. She needs a CT Scan to do it and Ms Kitty is too much of a brat to offer to help. Why do they keep her around anyway?

Front view...

On Thursday, the other special doctor called about Grady's options for keemotherapy....ah, crap....chemotherapy. She said Grady would need 6 treatments of something called Lomustine and it could make him very sick. It could hurt his liver (but I'd eat it even if it hurt him, I like liver ya know!), his kidney or make his blood go bad. That sounds kinda rough and the hoomans had to talk it out and got worried again. I tried to lick their faces to make em feel better, but again...they made me stop. Something about I lick weird places and they don't want that on their faces. Weird places? Who me? Atleast I don't go tee-tee in the giant white waterbowl in the bathroom! Gross!

Anyway, they said that the doctor told there is a chance it could make Grady feel better longer, but then could not. Especially if it will make him so sick, I don't see how that makes his Hissy tumor feel better? But, what do I know?

So, over the weekend, they talked it out and I think they decided not to do it. I'm glad they decided this cuz I don't wanna see Grady get so sick either. But, they said they want to try to find some good hole istic? holistic stuff to help him feel better for longer. They may even talk to another special doctor to see what she says.

Grady gets all the special doctors. What do I get?
Besides, I'm Queen Dumbass! I should be getting all the special doctors too ya know!

Anyway, their decision was hard to make and I know the hoomans talked about it for a long time. It made them so upset, but I dunno know why....I talked to Grady and he said he didn't wanna be sick either. But Mom bean told Grady she would never let them hurt him and would make sure he is always safe and happy.

Then she sealed that promise with a kiss.
Which Grady thought was weird. He said girls have kooties and wish they'd stop tryin to kiss him!

Anyway, so Friday was the lady beans birthday. She took the day off so she could spend it with us and she had something to do at the Dog Club all day. But, she hung out with us a bunch of the day and it was so nice outside, we hung out on the back porch, got some sun, chased some birds, and lounged around the house for most of the time.

We protected the backyard from the evil birdies and squirrels.

Grady took his duties very seriously...

Grady came inside and started to fall asleep on mom's shoe. Either he wanted to go for a walk, but I think he knew she was getting ready to leave and didn't want her to go...

I, on the other paw, knew she was getting ready to leave and was trying to get the party started!

Saturday, the lady bean took Grady back to the club. She said it was another obedience trial. Grady was supposed to compete in the trial for Rally Excellent and Beginner Novice, but when it was time to enter him, that's when he started getting sick and she didn't know what would happen. So, rather than taking the chance to enter him in the show, she said he could come hang out with her instead and help pass out trophies and stuff. She said it was a VERY important job, so Grady was happy to be put to work.
He took his job very seriously and was so happy to be back at the club again...

Look lady! I told you! It says right here in da boo! Your lil yorkies did NOT get the coolest dog award! I did. Now step away from my table before I kick you!

This was the table of stuffs that Grady had to protect from those lil yorkies. Very important stuff and mom bean said I could come the next day to help out.

Grady was so nice that he brought me a couple of these really cool toys with plastic bottles in them. The lady bean said that he picked it out himself cuz he knew I liked to tear up plastic water bottles, almost as much as I like to read books. I like to think of my plastic bottle fetish as my contribution to recycling, but having a toy to play with is almost just as perfect.
I even let Grady play with one of the toys too. See, I do share with the Sissy La-La sometimes. Even if he is a "Frog-Dawg" I gave him the piggie. He tried to make me take the piggie but I felt pink was a better color for him.

Then on Sunday, I gots to go to the Dog Training Club. I had never been and the lady bean told me that this is where they take Grady all the time.
This isn't some trick to get me to the vet is it? Are we going to see the Special Doctor too?

So we get there and she puts me in the crate?!! What? You mean we go to this really cool place. All these doggies with butts I could sniff? All these cool things to sniff and check out? And you mean to tell me that Grady sits in the crate all day? I don't buy it? How stupid could he be to always be excited to come here and sit in this stupid crate all day?


Then, after a lil while, I got to hang out and be in charge of the table stuffs too. I had a very important job, something Grady couldn't do....just sit there and look cute and make people smile. I had that in the bag, I mean just check out my snaggle tooth, that will make anyone smile, right?

So, the Mom bean was told by the Dad bean that Grady whined and cried for us to come home the whole entire day. Really? He's sucha Sissy La-La, I can't even go away for 5 mins and he misses me so much? So, she told me that we had to buy him a toy too. I picked out this squeeky thingy that had a face of a cat on it. Since all of his CT Scans and he still couldn't find it, I thought it would help to show him what another one looks like. I think he liked it.

I also bought him this big comfortable bed! But before I could make sure it was Grady-worthy, I had to test it out first. Took me a while to approve of it. After a long nap, I decided he could use it whenever he wants. But he has to ask me first and then I'll decide...
Then later on, we both napped and reflected on whatta weekend it's been! Radiation.Talk about Keemotherapy. Crap, I did it again....chemotherapy. Birthday. Party Time. Sun Bathing. Doggie Club. And now, we gotta get ready to protect the house while the beans go to work. We have a tough job. It's hard being working dogs. They go away to that place they keep calling "work" and something about "paying the bills," but who's supposed to make sure the house is safe from the evil bunny rabbits that lurk outside? Or the weird looking man that comes and sticks bills and stuff into the black box they leave by the driveway? Or whatabout telling off those guys that take away the trash every week? Where the heck do they take all those wonderful goodies? Or who's job is it to bark at the kids before they get on the school bus and tell them all to have a good day? They think the beans just have it so rough.
Try being Rubidawg, Queen Dumbass and Grady Boy, King Sissy La-La for a day.

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