Thursday, January 19, 2012

Grady has to See a Radiator...

So the hooman beans didn't wanna make one of their fancy dinners tonite. Usually, Dad makes all this yummy stuff that smells so good and makes me drool....but I'm never allowed to have any. But not tonite! Tonite, they made my FAVORITE......Cereal!!! I love cereal so much that when they pull the box out of the pantry, I run to the kitchen as fast as I can and they always give me some. Mom was nice and made sure I got my own pieces when Grady wasn't looking cuz sometimes if he sees me getting something, then he wants it. Wish they'd get rid of that crappy kibble they make us eat though and just give me cereal every day. Have you ever tasted dog kibble??!! It's gross!

And they wonder why I like rabbit poop! Duh!

They took Grady to the Special Doctor again today, so maybe the cereal was to make me feel a lil bit better? I'm kinda sick of all the special treatment he gets but Grady filled me in a lil bit about the Oncallajust. He said he was sooooooo boring! All he did was talk to the hooman beans and petted him a few times. No special treats and no other doggie butts to lick! <yawn>  Grady said he was scared when he first met the Special Doctor and tried to hide under the chair, but mom made him get out. I don't blame Grady for being scared, I never seen an oncallajust, but even mom and dad were scared. But sounds like it was just a buncha talking. <yawn again>

Eventually, Grady figured if mom and dad would stop talking to him, then they could go home. So, he tried whining alot and crawling in their lap to get them to stop talking, even tried getting in the Special Doc's lap, but none of it worked. He said he whined to go out and Mom took him outside where he pooped then tried to go back to the car. That didn't work either, they kept going back in and talking to this boring guy. Poor Grady just had to lay there and whine while they talked. When hooman beans talk, did you know they are just soooo boring. They should be chasing tennis balls, looking for squirrels in the backyard or barking at something outside. But, no.....they just sit there and blah blah blah blah blah! Then yell at me when I do it. Anyway, the oncallajust sounds boring! Glad I didn't go.

Grady said he heard a lil bit about what they said. Something about checking to see if his cancer has spread and going back in for another CT Scan!! Wait a minute.....WHAT?!! Again....he gets to scan the Kitties and I'll probably have to sit at home again. But they said this kitty scan will tell them if Grady has anymore tumors in his belly.

If they fed him tumors and just gave me a piece of cereal....there is going to be hell to pay! I don't know what a tumor is, but if it's in Grady's belly, then he obviously got some special treat I didn't get! Damn Dumn Sissy Lala Dawg! So, he goes back for his test on Monday. Then they mentioned radiator therapy??  Radiator Therapy?  Huh? Hold on, lemme ask Grady.....ooooohhhh Radiation Therapy.

OK, I still don't know what that is. Maybe it makes him warm? It is kinda cold outside.

Anyway, he'd have to have the radiator for like 6 whole weeks and it might make him feel a lil bit better, but won't fully get rid of the cancer. They said if the cancer spreads, then Grady would get keemo....cheemo....chemotherapy. So there he goes again....radiators, tumor treats in his belly, now chemotherapy. They are also doing another test on the stuff they took out of Grady's shoulder and sending it to decide what type of cancer it is. I guess there are different breeds of cancer just like doggies and I s'pose knowing what breed it is will help them know what to do next.

Grady did say he got really excited when they started talkin to the oncallajust...oh wait, it's oncologist, that's right....about changing his food!! They said they were going to start home cooking his din-dins now!!

OK, hold on a second here, I see why Grady's really happy about this, but NOBODY said anything about changing MY din-dins! So, the hoomans eat fancy foods, now Grady eats fancy foods and I get dried cardboard and the occassional piece of cereal every now and then. Seriously, they wonder why I eat cat poop, too!

But this is what about ticked me off to the point of wanting to eat another book off the table again....they said giving him a new din-dins was going to make sure it didn't feed the cancer. So now they are starving the tumor too??!!! I can't wait to hear more about this, cuz it seems like Grady is getting all this really cool stuff and me and this tumor are getting the short end of the stick.

So that's all that happened today. I licked myself lots of times today when they weren't home. I barked at the doggies across the street and the mailman. Oh and I chased Ms Kitty and tried to get into her cat box while they were gone. She keeps that damn door on lockdown, whats up with that! Kitty won't share either.

Mom said tomorrow's Friday though. That means it's the weekend and maybe if it's nice, she'll take me out to the park or something. So, I like Fridays!!!

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