Thursday, June 21, 2012

They Call Him Bauer!

I call him "STOP THAT!!!!"

The beans have gone off the deep end! Just as I was kinda likin this only dog thing, they went and sprung up a surprise this week!

Can you believe this?!!! I was all sorts of likin this only dog thing. The personal walks with my stick. The special attenshuns. The extra special cuddles. And now they throw this guy at me?!

I will admit though....he is kinda cute. Isn't he?

I will give him that. But that's all he gets!

At first, I was really, really REALLY excited! A new brudda! A new playmate! A new sidekick to chase Ms Kitty and eat stuff with. I was a lil like this...
And somewhat like this...

But then, he started doing this stuff...

And some of this...

And he stole MY bed!!!!! That was totally uncool!!!

Boy oh boy, does he have a mouth!! They thought I was out for this dude.

And then there's this...

But, then he does more cute stuff and I forget about how much he screams in the crate and tries to bite my tummy! Them teefs are SHARP!! But that face is CUTE!

And even snuggles with me!!! Finally, someone to cuddle with!

Oh and he stoled Kitty's bed. He totally earned bonus points for that!!

Ok, I guess he can stay. But can someone send me some tylenol and ear plugs please?
I'm Beat!!!! And he's still going.....


  1. Oh, really have your paws full with that one. Maybe his cuteness will take some of the sting out of those sharp baby teeth. One more thing ..... don't be hittin' the tylenol bottle. I've heard it's not good for dogs.

  2. Welcome Stop tha . . I mean Bauer! Nice to see you are settling in! Watch that cat. Need I say 5 fingers of death? See you at CDTC in the fall. - Debbie O (and Jessie, Rusty and Charger) visit my blog soon