Sunday, May 20, 2012

Still Just a Beginner

The momma bean had been talkin about gettin a title for Grady. I guess she doesn't like the one I have for him, so she's gotta get her own. So, for the past few weeks, she's been takin Grady to puppy classes and working on trying to smarten him up. Here's a video of her tryin to get him smart...

I think he still needs work, but...that sissy lala thinks he's so smart.

Last weekend, the beans took us far away and we stayed at another home for a couple of nights. At first, I thought they were taken us to the special doctors, but when the suitcases came out, I didn't think they kept beans overnight at the vets. So, we were a bit confused. Then when we went bye-byes and got to the new house (they called it a hotel), all our stuff came with us. So, it was like a little vacation! I was so excited, but a bit nervous with all the noise and the smells. Eventually Sissy LaLa and I settled down and went nite-nites.

And Grady with the Daddy Bean. They was watchin hockey together, being boys. Momma Bean and I were hangin out, lettin them be boys.

The next morning, the beans took us to a big building with lots of other doggies for me to play with. I think those doggies must live there cuz all of them brought their own crates to hang out in. I went to go investigate and see the doggies in their "houses" but Momma kept tellin me to "leave it." I didn't quite get that, thought we were there to play. I just wanted to say "hi's" to all of them cuz I knoooowwww they wanted to play with me! I mean come on, how can you resist the Queen Dumbass?!

I was surprised when the beans tried to put me and Grady into a house together. Usually, they take this house to Grady's training camps and stuff, what the heck was I doing here? Still very very confused!

We sat there all days. Sometimes, my whining would get me out of the crate and for a walk, but most of the time, I had to sit in there and watch the other doggies. There was a space where the other doggies got to go out and do stuff, then they'd win ribbons and TOYS!!!!! I kept waiting for my turn, I know how to sit, walk around in circles, and lay down (I do that one VERY well!) but sadly, my time never came. However, OF COURSE, Grady got to go out there and do that stuff. My only guess is that it's for stoopid dogs to see if they ares gettin smart or summin and that's why Grady had to go and not me. It makes perfect sense if you think about it.

So, apparently Grady was the bestest at walking around people and stuff cuz he got a blue ribbon ( the beans called it 1st place again) and he got a Monkey toy!! He sure does loves his monkey toy - he has like a millions of them and won't let me play with any of them. So, I knew....paws off da monkey! Supposedly, this one was "special."

With the judge lady who said Grady is officially smart now: (she may need new glasses, I dunno)

Grady scored a 193.5 out of 200 points, so I guess he's not that smart, eh? I can do math and that's like 7 bazillion points of for being a Sissy LaLa, that I am sure of!

So after he got his toys and stuff, we went back to that hotel place again and the next morning, back to the doggie play place. Grady needed to show them one more time that he's gettin smart, I guess, so we had to go back. I was still not sure if they'd need me to show them all how it's done, so I waited patiently....sadly, my time never came.

But, Grady had to walk around in circles for a new judge (guess they wised up that the last judge needed new glasses and was not very smart herself) and again.....he earned another blue ribbon and another toy! Seriously, what is wrong with these judges? They broken!!

This judge (look at him, he's laughing at Grady too!) gave him a score of 196.5 out of 200. Still ot sure how 400 bajillion points off make Grady smart, but whatever...

This time, the beans said he got his "title." They called him a Beginner Novice now, so I guess that means he's "sorta" smart? I say "sorta" cuz I know those judges were not very smart to give him 2 first place finishes, blue ribbons and all those toys. They don't live with him. But momma bean was happy, I guess because Grady is so sick that it made her feel good to have those ribbons. Maybe the judges felt sorry for her. There were alot of people there cheering for Grady cuz they found out he has cancer, so I guess it's ok to throw the dawg a bone every now and then (wait...bones?! where?! I want one!).

Momma Bean says he is now Branwen's Northern Sky BN RA CGC. She said I'm not allowed to call him Sissy LaLa anymore. I agreed.....but she didn't know I had my paws crossed! hehe

So after all that excitement, they still didn't need my help to show all these doggies what a Queen is all about, so we packed up and went home. I was a bit glad to get out of there though.....cuz sittin around watching all these doggies be stoopid, was a bit tiring for me.

In the car we go....Whatcha doin back there? Are we there yet?

We got home and Grady was all "lookie at what I got!" I let him have his's not often that broken judges give you the ok's to think you're smart.

He played with that monkey all day long back home.

Meanwhile, I took a nap. Being Queen, you gotta catch up on your beauty sleep every now and then.

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