Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Be Werry Werry Qwiet. I'm Huntin Wabbits!

So last weekend was Easter weekend. I heard Easter's the day when a big bunny sneaks in your house and hides little eggs with goodies inside all around. I was very intrigued by this for a few reasons:

1) Where's da bunny? We got unfinished biznez to take care of!
2) I ain't lettin nuttin sneak in MY house! Even a bunny with treats! (well, hold that thought)
3) Eggs? Mmmmmm I like eggs and especially kinds with goodies inside.

However, I was a little disturbed that this sneaky bunny was hiding my goodies so I had to find them. Even that stupid bunny is gonna make me work for da yummy goodies? This conspiracy has got to STOP!

However, as with everything I do, I went along with it. Besides, if it's for yummy treats and eggs....I'll do anything for a goody.
But no one told me the sneaky bunny was the lady bean!!! I was totally robbed! No wonder I was a little leary about this whole thing. It was just another silly set up, from the human beans, to make me entertain them. I don't think I look like the entertainment committee. Besides....I'm da Queen....'member?

Nonetheless, Grady and I entertained her and went out to find the stupid plastic easter eggs. Again....robbed....not even REAL eggs! BUT there was real liver inside them, so I was fine with that. Yes, REAL liver....if she tried to fake me on bunnies, eggs AND liver....she'd be wearin shoes with holes in them next time she goes to work. Trust me.

So here's Grady finding the easter eggs. He's so stupid, I don't know about you, but I can totally see them in this video.

I think even in this pic, Grady's like....ummmm, yeh. it's right dere stupid bean!

So then, the lady bean had me go out there to find them too. Luckily, I quickly found a WHOLE BUNCHA them right there on the table. Momma Bean is not very good at this hiding bunny stuff.

But, she wasn't happy with that, so I had to go "Find" more for her. She's so lazy. These things are right in her face and she makes ME find them for her? Beans are stupid too! I still tried pointing out to her that there was a whole bunch right there on the table, but beans are never satisified...

And yeh, I played into it a lil bit. Here mom....ohhhhh lookie! another one right there on the ground, right for you to see. see it? right next to that big bucket that Grady pees on. Bet it was nice hiding that egg under there. you're sucha clever lil hooman bean, mom. so glad I could help you find this obviously placed plastic egg. that was a tough find. whew!

Ok, mom. Really? Is this game over now?

Apparently, finding strategically placed plastic eggs full of beef liver, wears out the Sissy LaLa. He snored like this for 2 days straight....

But as you see.....I am still the Queen! When you got got it.

We did have to entertain the lady bean one more time with a picture out in the yard. We had just finished sniffin some poop that stupid bunny left behind and she happened to call us to get a treat. Only time she gets my attention is when she mentions the word "treat." Altho, it was kinda hard to resist the smell of fresh bunny poop, just for another chance to entertain her one more time this weekend.

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