Monday, May 21, 2012

Is He Drunk?

So, I think Grady's been drinkin the Kool-Aid. He came back from our fun weekend and started falling off to the side. Not sure how much more attention he can get, but boy is he workin it!

The other day, the lady bean came home to take him to his last puppy class of the spring. Grady was limpin a lil bit, but momma didn't think much of it. The left and called the daddy bean a lil while later saying they was coming home. I thought they were comin to get me cuz obviously, they need my help with all these stoopid doggies around. But no, she came home and Grady was actin funny. He tried to sit down, but he fell off to the side on the floor. I went to check him out and thought his lil game was fun, so I stood over him so he couldn't get up. HeeHee I like to play that game with him.

But then, he was just standing there and started leaning on the couch while the beans made our din-dins. Next thing I knew, he was on the floor! WHOA! Whatchu been drinkin Sissy LaLa and why aren't you sharin?

The beans seemed really worried. They took him to the vet the next morning and came back with more drugs for Grady. They said he is in alot of pain. His tumor is back in his shoulder and is having trouble keeping his balance. They also said that the vet thought he might have had a seesure?  c-sure? seizure.

So, seems like Grady just can't get enough of attention these days. His big win and gets lots of attention, now he gets drunk and gets lots of attention.

I'm seriously doing something wrong here....

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