Saturday, May 26, 2012

Nite Nite Sissy LaLa

Yesterday, mom and dad beans were sad. They held Grady lots and cried and told stories of all the wonderful things he did. I tried to sneak my way in there too and give my kissies to them cuz I don't like seeing them upset. Afterall, I'm here, they should be happy. But, they just wanted to hug on Grady, so I let them.

I'm not sure why. But maybe it was because Grady was having a hard time getting around. He was still acting very drunk - ps dont drink the water, there must be something in it! - and the beans had to help him get up and down on the couch. Otherwise, he'd fall over. He would fall over even just going outside to potties, which kinda grossed out the beans cuz they'd have to clean him up. I thought he smelled nice.

Grady was using the couch to stand up when they made our din-dins or the wall to walk from room to room. So, I'm guessing he had way too much to drink over the past few days, cuz I've seen the momma bean do that before too. But when Grady did it, it made them sad. He was slowing down and having trouble walking.

Yesterday, he was coughing more too and one time, a lil bit of blood came out. I saw the look in the beans eyes that they were very concerned, and sad.

Then, after sitting outside for a little while, the beans took Grady and I out for a walk. It was nice, we hadn't been in a long time. Grady gets to go out and do all the fun stuff, and I sometimes have to sit home. So while we walked, I stayed next to Grady so I could help keep him up and he'd whisper in my ear. I'm not allowed to say what he said, but I'm gonna be a very busy girl for a long time. I have some important stuffs to do.

A little more time went by and even though our walk was short, they decided to take Grady bye-byes. They told me to give him kissies and say "bye bye" to him. They grabbed Grady's bed and went in the car.

All I know, is that when they came back, Grady wasn't with them. They laid his bed down on the floor, put his favorite monkey toys in it and laid his leash down inside of it. I walked over to it and sniffed. It smelled weird. I looked at the beans and they had been very upset.

They said, "Grady went nite nite, Rubi."

I don't know where he went, but I miss my Sissy LaLa. :(

Nite Nite Grady. I will do everything you told me to do.

Rest in Peace Grady - Branwen's Northern Sky BN RA CGC
December 22, 2007 - May 25, 2012


  1. Oh, Rubi, I'm so very sorry. I heard about Grady leaving and I just wanted to come here and tell you how sorry I was. He was a great brother! My girl, Sprigg, who is Grady's half-sister sends her wishes to you too.

    Thanks so much for your posts on Grady, and for all of these photos!


  2. Rubi

    You be a good girl, now !!!

    Nite, nite Grady. You will be missed.


  3. Rubi....I'm sorry it's taken me so long to visit your blog. It's very sad to lose someone you love. Grady was a very good brother to you, just as Butler was to Bella. He gave her instructions, too. Of that I am sure. And I know of you girls will do whatever it takes to follow through with the instructions you were given. Your mama and daddy will need lots of love for a very long time. Hugs sweet girl..<3