Monday, April 2, 2012

He's Just a Beginner (Novice)

So, after almost TWO whole weeks of the beans making me stay in the crate, I'm finally out and raising hell once again! I think next time I want some attenion, I'll rethink that whole "I hurt my leg" thing again. Seems they just throw me in that wire house and tell me to be calm.

Hellooooo? Are they new?

Anyway, since my freedom, I've been trying to lay low. Grady was entered in a trial and the lady bean was takin him all sorts of places to "practice." I seriously don't know why he has to practice so much. But he obviously needs it, otherwise the Momma wouldn't keep taking him out again....and again....and again....for "practice." It's like remedial doggeh training. He has to keep repeating the classes til he gets it right, I guess.

Anyway, he had his trial this weekend. They competed on Friday and well.....I guess all that practice paid off, cuz Grady got 1st Place!

The lady hooman bean said she messed up alot and says each time she watches the video, she sees things she did wrong. I guess maybe *SHE* needs the extra practice next time, cuz I think Grady had it right and she's the one who says she screwed up.

But, the lady bean was happy that they still got 1st place. Fortunately, she said, a couple of the other dogs didn't even qualify...

ok, side note here....these dogs just walk around a ring and can't even qualify doing that?! Can I sign up for this gig cuz I know I can totally do this better than they can! Heck, next time, let me take Grady in the ring since the lady bean seems to keep screwing up.

Anyway, you can see the scores below. They were # 73 and got a score of 191.5. Still.....I coulda totally done better.

They were totally shocked when they got 1st place. The lady bean said she figured they'd get 4th....which I guess is still good considering there were 6 dogs, 1 absent and 2 didn't qualify. (she's not very good at math!)

And Grady was so nice. He got to bring home a toy for his win, but the lady bean let him walk through the shops at the trial and he could pick out something to bring back to me. He brought home bully sticks!!!! YAY!!!!

Nom Nom Nom Nom!

Nom Nom Nom Nom!

OK, he's ok in my book if he brings me bully sticks when mom messes up at the trials. I can live with that.

This was after the first day at the trial. He was a bit pooped. But it was his last trial, so I let him sleep on my side of the couch and snuggle my blankey.

Thanks for the bully sticks Grady!!!!

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