Friday, February 24, 2012

The Hooman Beans Wanted Me To Share...

I guess they don't read this blog enough to know that I don't do that, but they say I should share the news they got from yet ANOTHER oncallajust the other day. I still don't get how many doctors they have to meet with just to make Grady better. I'm the smart one of the family, they should just give me the moneys instead and I'll take care of him. But whatever, they expect someone with a PHDuh to tell them all the answers.

Grady had his 5th radiation treatment yesterday. The swelling is gone from his shoulder. Yup...GONE! This is a good sign that they have shrunk the tumor and he isn't hurting anymore when he walks.

Here's his 5th week pic. Such a difference! No more owies!!!!!

I'm going to warn you, this video is sad. This is what Grady looked like back in November when he first started limping. It made me sad too cuz he definitely wanted nothing to do with me and wouldn't play anymores.

But this is how it started...

And this is him the other day when the lady bean came home from yet ANOTHER work trip. He cusses her out like a sailor (those are the lady bean's words, I have no idea what that means) and of course, they let him get away with it. If I do it....of course it's, "shaddup Rubi!" "stop barking, Rubi!" "Rubi, be quiet!" Life is just so unfair with these beans.

BIG difference! When he hurt, he couldn't bow like that, let alone walk. He's come a long way since his first treatment over a month ago. Things are looking good for the Sissy LaLa.

So, the bean took Grady for his 5th treatment and got to talk to this other doctor. Basically, there may be another treatment they can try. It's been shown to kill histiocytic sarcoma cancer cells and the doc said it may be worth a try. This gave the hooman beans hope that even though they aren't doing that nasty chemo stuff, that there may still be hope to give Grady more time for me to torment him. It's called pamidronate and he would only have to have it once a month, for the rest of his life. The beans are thinking about it as something else to try to make him feel better.

The doc told them about a story of another dog at the clinic. He had to have his leg cut off from the same cancer Grady has. He also had to have the radiator treatments too, but just like Grady...didn't have chemo as at the time of his surgery, he didn't have tumors in his belly either. The dog was in because he just found out he had a spot on his lungs. Very sad that he was getting sicker, but the good news (or silver lining, like mom said) is that he was free of tumors for a year and a half. The doc said that since Grady didn't have any signs of his cancer spreading, that the regular prognosis of 6-9 months, could be MUCH longer!!!!!!

I was happy to hear this too! That means I have more time to play and beat him up and don't have to worry about him being sick or hurt all the time.

The doc said they are doing everything else right. They also did bloodwork and everything came back normal. His red blood cells were just a tiny bit on the high-end level, but the doc said it was nothing to worry about...probably a lil dehydration.

Grady has decided to join mom in yoga at home now too. She says she does it cuz it makes her feel better, so he figured he'd give it a try. He's working on his downward dog here...

He tried to get me involved, but you think I need that weird yoga stuff? I'm already the Queen dumbass, how much more awesomer can I get?

So mom and dad beans have to figure out if they are willing to give this pami...pani...pamidronate stuff a try and just continue to keep an eye on him for a long time. Mom said she may enter him in another obedience trial next month and may take him to the Boxer Specialty in May. Anything to keep him happy.

(it keeps her happy too!)

The lady bean wanted me to share this too. This is one of Grady's friends, Kalil. Kalil is a rottweiler dawg. Grady and Kalil have alot in common. He has the same cancer as Grady. It's also in his shoulder. Kalil is a tripawd dawgie. He has wonderful hooman beans who love him very much too and are doing everything they can to keep Kalil happy. Kalil competes in agility competitions just like Grady competes in rally and obedience. Be sure to keep track of Kalil's story too. Kalil and his momma bean have been an inspiration to the lady bean and Grady. He's a cool dawgie! I have a bit of a crush on him.

In the meantime, Grady has figured out a way to monitor her puter usage so that I can try to keep you up to date more often. Lay across her hands so she can't type and on her chest so she can't breathe.
She thinks it's sweet.....we call it "strateejery."

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